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BINGO INFO / BINGO SCHOOL Bingo Lingo – Common Terms

BINGO BLOWER – The machine or device using an air blower to mix the balls prior to being removed, one at a time, and called or announced.

BLACKOUT (Coverall) – A coverall pattern where by all 24 numbers are daubed to win prize offered.

BUY-IN (Admission Pack) – The Minimum number of cards or packets you must purchase to be eligible to play the session of bingo.

CALLER – The individual that operates the bingo equipment and calls or announces the balls drawn.

CONSOLATION PRIZE – The smaller prize awarded during a jackpot or special game when the jackpot is not won.

CRAZY BINGO – A game pattern that can be played in more than one direction on the card. Example – A letter “T” can be turned sideways or upside down.

CRAZY RENO – Three straight line bingos on one card with two wild numbers called.

DOUBLE ACTION (Dual Dab) – A special bingo card that contains two numbers in each square (48 numbers) and a free space. A player can dab either number when called to complete that square.

DUPLICATE CARDS – Identical bingo cards when the numbers are located in the exact same place on the cards.

EARLY BIRDS – A game or pack of games played before the main session games.

FACE – A single bingo card with 24 numbers and a free space.

FLASHBOARDS – The lighted signs that show all numbers after they have been announced and placed in the master board. There are Main boards & Bonanza boards if Bonanza is being played.

FLOOR CLERK - An individual that sells various bingo packs, specials, jackpots or pull tabs, throughout the bingo hall. They walk around the facility during the session.

FREE SPACE (Center Number) - The bingo card number in the Free Space on each bingo card.

HARDWAY BINGO – A winning bingo pattern that does not allow the player to use the free space.

HOT BALL (Lucky numbers) – Usually the first ball called during a session. If you bingo on this number on any of the main (regular) games, an additional prize or jackpot is won.

MASTER BOARD (Ball Tray) - A tray where balls are placed after being announced by the caller.

MONITOR BALL (Cry # or Hard Luck #) – The bingo ball or number that is the next number out after a player yells bingo. It is usually placed in front of the camera until the winner is verified.

MONITORS – The TV’s that display each ball called.

MULTI CARD BINGO – A bingo game where you must have a specified pattern on more than one card on the same sheet.

MULTI PART GAME (On the way game) – A series of 2, 3, or more games (patterns) that are played on the same sheet of bingo cards.

MULTIPLE WINNERS (Splits) – More than one winner on an individual game. Different from a duplicate in that the cards have different numbers on them.

NITE OWLS (Late Nights) - A game or pack of games played after the main session games.

ODD/EVEN – A game played where the 1st number out determines if all odd numbers or all even numbers became wild numbers on the entire card or sheet. Example – Odds B-1, B-3, B-5, or Evens B-2, B-4, B-6

PACK LEVELS – A session of games that have different buy-ins for different prizes offered, but are played at the same time. For example, a $5 pack may pay prizes of $100 and a $10 pack pays $200.

PAYMASTER – The individual who handles the distribution of prize money paid to all winners.

PROGRAM – A printed game schedule which includes each game played & also contains the prices, prizes & house rules.

RAINBOW GAME – A sheet of cards that pay different prize amounts depending on which part of the sheet the winning card is located.

REGULAR OR MAIN PACKS – The pack of different colored sheets that the main games are played on.

RENO – Two straight line bingos on one card with one wild number called.

ROULETTE – A game of bingo that pays a different prize amount depending on the letter or row (B, I, N, G, O) that the last number called is in.

SESSION – An entire daytime or evening bingo program consisting of warm-ups, regular games and jackpots or specials.

SLEEPER – A customer or bingo that occurs after the last number called appears on their sheet. The next number called begins when the caller has announced the LETTER of the next number.

SPEED GAME (Speedy Coverall) – A coverall game that is played by calling the numbers very quickly, usually every 3 seconds or less.

SPLIT THE POT – A game or special played where the total sales are split equally between the “House” and the winner.

TEXAS BLACKOUT (Odd/Even Coverall) – A blackout where the 1st ball called is an Odd/Even wild number.

U-PIK-EM – An NCR form that the players write in their own numbers or circle numbers that are preprinted. Original is placed in a lock box.

VERIFICATION – The process where the winning bingo card is checked to verify it is a “Good Bingo”. A good bingo has all the numbers marked in the pattern and won on the last number called (if required).

WILD NUMBERS – A game in which the 1st number called becomes a “Wild Number” and players daub all numbers on their card ending with that number. Example Wild Number I-26 = B-6, I-16, I-26, N-36, G-46, G-56, O-66

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